Animal Crossing Pre-Orders and Release Party

We're now taking Animal Crossing Pre-Orders! Pre-Order through our store and earn your 120 GameTime credits to be used immediately! Not only that but Pre-Ordering through us guarantees you a place in our Animal Crossing Release Party! Come join other Animal Crossing fans in our store the day before the game is available to play in store and get your copy the moment they become available. We will be staying open late that day to accommodate our fervent fans and those who wish to get some social gaming in. The release party will be on 3/19/20. Not only that but our Pre-Orders start at $55 so you not only earn free GameTime but save $5 off the retail price from other vendors! Join us for our first official release party and come Game the Systems with us!


12330 Academy Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19154

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